Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas dress 2011

 This past Friday was my work places' Christmas party. I've wanted to attend this particular party for 3 or so years. Needless to say I've been brain storming for awhile about what I want to wear. :) This year it was held at the Embassy Suites in large town near here. We were super excited about the chance to wear fancy-ish dresses. :P So this is what I came up with.

 I used this pattern many thanks to Aunt Kristi, who gave it to me for my birthday. :)

 The fabric is from my always enlarging collection. :S lol Michelle thought the color suited me okay and it kinda looks like the one on the pattern cover. :D Always a plus so I know what it will kinda look like when its done. ;)

Its was fairly simple to construct, but the neckline was quite difficult to get straight.

I also had alittle trouble getting the ruffle on the sleeve to lay down right, but a little or should I say a bunch of steam got it to behave correctly. :P

I had to add 2 inches of length to the skirt. It turned out the perfect length!!! :) YAY. ;)

I also sewed the neckline about an inch higher then it would normally be. That went really well. Which was a relief as I was sure how that was going to come out.

The belt "buckle" is actually a broach that my Grandma gave me on my birthday. :) Are we seeing a trend here? :P There's also matching earrings. Which I wore to the party. :)

And for the record. My 4 year old brother Matt gave me the flowers. :) He calls me his girlfriend. :) So the first flowers I've ever been given were from  my little brother. How cool is that? :D

Over all I couldn't be happier with it. I love it sooo much. I've already worn it several times and I plan on making much more good use out of it this season. :D

 On a side note. Amanda is have 2 awesome giveaway's on her lovely blog. The first is the stunning Shabby Apple dress 'Ski Bop' and secondly is Modest 4 Me high cut camisole. So go check them out. :)