Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas dress 2011

 This past Friday was my work places' Christmas party. I've wanted to attend this particular party for 3 or so years. Needless to say I've been brain storming for awhile about what I want to wear. :) This year it was held at the Embassy Suites in large town near here. We were super excited about the chance to wear fancy-ish dresses. :P So this is what I came up with.

 I used this pattern many thanks to Aunt Kristi, who gave it to me for my birthday. :)

 The fabric is from my always enlarging collection. :S lol Michelle thought the color suited me okay and it kinda looks like the one on the pattern cover. :D Always a plus so I know what it will kinda look like when its done. ;)

Its was fairly simple to construct, but the neckline was quite difficult to get straight.

I also had alittle trouble getting the ruffle on the sleeve to lay down right, but a little or should I say a bunch of steam got it to behave correctly. :P

I had to add 2 inches of length to the skirt. It turned out the perfect length!!! :) YAY. ;)

I also sewed the neckline about an inch higher then it would normally be. That went really well. Which was a relief as I was sure how that was going to come out.

The belt "buckle" is actually a broach that my Grandma gave me on my birthday. :) Are we seeing a trend here? :P There's also matching earrings. Which I wore to the party. :)

And for the record. My 4 year old brother Matt gave me the flowers. :) He calls me his girlfriend. :) So the first flowers I've ever been given were from  my little brother. How cool is that? :D

Over all I couldn't be happier with it. I love it sooo much. I've already worn it several times and I plan on making much more good use out of it this season. :D

 On a side note. Amanda is have 2 awesome giveaway's on her lovely blog. The first is the stunning Shabby Apple dress 'Ski Bop' and secondly is Modest 4 Me high cut camisole. So go check them out. :)


Sunday, October 30, 2011

1850's living history at The Rex Roat Prairie

Several weeks ago we had the our first opportunity to do a living history event, that wasn't 1860's! The setting was an 1850's settlement. It was at a place called The Rex Roat Prairie. There's 3 original cabins that have been moved to one location. As well, as several other out buildings and such. And of course there's several acres or 'prairie land' with all sorts of awesome wildflowers and such growing it in it. We first discovered the places mid-June of this year. When a reenactment we'd planned on participating in was cancelled due to flooding issues. We spotted it on our way home and thought it would be a fun place for a photoshoot. :D We got talked to the guy who owns it and he asked us to come back during their Fall festival to demonstrate mid 19th century sewing techniques. We gladly accepted the invitation and that's how the story begins. :D

The weather was fantastic, tho a bit windy, its added to the reality tho I suppose. :P

This is the first cabin we were stationed at. :) Even tho you can't see much of it. ;) 

The morning glories were flawlessly beautiful! And made for a nice shade block for those of us sitting outside on the porch. ;)

I wore my black pin striped wool. Along with a apron to save my dress from an over abundance of fuzz and threads from the fabrics I was working with. lol

Even Mom and Megan got in on the fun. :D
There was a girl across from us that made beautiful rag rugs! They were so awesome! :)

I especially liked this one.
Inside there was a lady doing hearth cooking. The awesome part was that we got to eat the product of that throughout the course of the day. So that was super cool! :)

All the cabins are set up so darling. Makes me feel like I could live in one for awhile. Then I remember how much I love the Internet. :P lol 

A wood worker...

And some sort of tradesman I take it. :-/

For most the day we worked on our patch quilt. Which were using all of our repro fabric scraps for....
Its fun to see what kinds of combinations we can come up with. :D I've come to the conclusion that its going to be a true scrap quilt. lol I can't imagine what its going to look like when its done. haha

I found it alittle hard to interact with all the spectators. I'm used to a few questions, but I discovered being shy doesn't make this job easy. lol 

Michelle did an awesome job. :D She always knows just what to say. :)

Sisters hard at work. :D
Megan decided to go gallyvantin' a bit.

Later in the afternoon we were moved to the "1st Cabin". Where we greeted the visitors and tried our best to answer their questions about about the place. :D This is the toy cabinet. :)

They had several quilts on display in there. I'm so amazed by the integrity of this one. These squares were less then 1/2" across. All the stitches are the same size and match perfectly. And I couldn't believe how straight the quilting lines were! I can only dream of being that good someday! :D

Out one of the front windows was the black smith and his son. :)

I also switched to sewing on my new pinafore. :P I was able to get some done before closing time, but my needle was like to big and didn't want to go thru the fabric which was so annoying. :S Lol

She drives in STLYE!
This girl not so much. :( Lets hope that's just because I don't drive yet tho.... :P
It was such a great experience and tons of fun. All the people that put the event on were so wonderful and kind. To top an already awesome day off. Megan and I made the newspaper!!!! Woot! :D We were pretty excited about that. lol They've already asked us to come back next year and I'm really looking forward to it..... ;)

On a side note. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I started a full time job several days ago and my older brother is also in the process of moving out so things have been keeping my on my toes and I haven't been able to get thru photos to post!! *sighs*, Never the less I'm still hoping to get at least a post a week in. :)

Thanks for reading,

Monday, October 17, 2011

My 16th Birthday Party

My 16th birthday party was a great success thanks to all my wonderful friends and family. :)

The night before all 3 of us girls did rag curlers.
The house was quite a sight with three mop heads walking around. :D

Just un-rolled...
A few sneak peeks of the dress I ended up making. :)

You'll be able to see more shots of it soon.

I'm hoping to use it for a Historical Costume Festival. :)

Megan's hair turned out fabulously. :) She wore a circle skirt...I refrained from calling it a poodle skirt as it doesn't actually have one on it. :P
Michelle's hair turned out extremely electric. :D I adored it, but she says she looks like the lady on The Princess Bride that says "I'm not a witch I'm your wife. " I couldn't believe how short it made her hair look. lol
I simply pulled it back into a barrette 'cause I thought it was to pretty to confine. :D Despite the sweet look on her face she was actually quite horrified with it... lol

The lighting is kinda weird in this shot, but she looked to cute to skip it. ;)
Onto more serious matters (the food. lol)...

Michelle made the cake. And put my favorite thing on it. :D Michelle says she is ashamed at how it turned out, but it was a big hit and everyone loved it so... :P
And now to introduce the guests. :) This is the ever fabulous Lauren.

My darling cousin Emily, looked dazzling!

My amazing cousin Sarah! Emily did an outstanding job on her hair. I was completely in love with it. :D

Our dear friend, Nikki, looking adorable!

My ever fantastic sister, Michelle. She totally rocked the show with her ensemble. :)

My signature photo. ;D

Megan, looking her age... *note to Megan loose the watch next time. lol*

This girl came all the from Missouri along with our fantastic aunt, Jane. Thanks so much for making the long trip up, it was such a wonderful surprise. :) Lois was a riot and added alot of excitement to the evening. :D
A sweet picture.

Visiting during the photoshoot.

Lauren and I pause for a quick shot.

There was of course more people here, but only us "young ones" went out for the shoot. :) So thus the lack of photos.

Nick did the honors of lighting the candles for this special birthday. ;)

Smiling for the photographer.

Happy with the stunning fabric. Thanks to Anna B.

An amazing gift from Aunt Jane.

I've already got huge plans for this pattern. Many thanks to Aunt Kristi!

Huge thanks to Grandma W. I now own a cool bright green jacket! :D
I got lots of amazing gifts from lots of awesome friends! Unfortunately we don't have pictures of them all...Anyway. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :) It means more then you know. :)

Some of the shoes that were seen during the evening.

We were all super interested in my new book, The Way They Were Dressed: in the 1860's, from Megan. :)
We had a blast of a slumber party, as always! :) Some of the girls stayed till about 1 p.m. we took a nice stroll and had a bunch of laughs. :) Nikki was able to stay till late Sunday night so we had a little weeny roast. So over all it was a total hit. ;)

What my curls looked like brushed out. :) (Its known as my "party hair".)

This is like my favorite picture of Michelle ever!!! :)

My poor 'little' baby wanted to join the party to... :) Gotta love my, Cody. :D

And a few creative shots of our fire. :D

Michelle got bored so we had a photoshoot just for the burning stick. lol
It couldn't have happened without y'all making it such a great time! Thanks again!