Monday, October 17, 2011

My 16th Birthday Party

My 16th birthday party was a great success thanks to all my wonderful friends and family. :)

The night before all 3 of us girls did rag curlers.
The house was quite a sight with three mop heads walking around. :D

Just un-rolled...
A few sneak peeks of the dress I ended up making. :)

You'll be able to see more shots of it soon.

I'm hoping to use it for a Historical Costume Festival. :)

Megan's hair turned out fabulously. :) She wore a circle skirt...I refrained from calling it a poodle skirt as it doesn't actually have one on it. :P
Michelle's hair turned out extremely electric. :D I adored it, but she says she looks like the lady on The Princess Bride that says "I'm not a witch I'm your wife. " I couldn't believe how short it made her hair look. lol
I simply pulled it back into a barrette 'cause I thought it was to pretty to confine. :D Despite the sweet look on her face she was actually quite horrified with it... lol

The lighting is kinda weird in this shot, but she looked to cute to skip it. ;)
Onto more serious matters (the food. lol)...

Michelle made the cake. And put my favorite thing on it. :D Michelle says she is ashamed at how it turned out, but it was a big hit and everyone loved it so... :P
And now to introduce the guests. :) This is the ever fabulous Lauren.

My darling cousin Emily, looked dazzling!

My amazing cousin Sarah! Emily did an outstanding job on her hair. I was completely in love with it. :D

Our dear friend, Nikki, looking adorable!

My ever fantastic sister, Michelle. She totally rocked the show with her ensemble. :)

My signature photo. ;D

Megan, looking her age... *note to Megan loose the watch next time. lol*

This girl came all the from Missouri along with our fantastic aunt, Jane. Thanks so much for making the long trip up, it was such a wonderful surprise. :) Lois was a riot and added alot of excitement to the evening. :D
A sweet picture.

Visiting during the photoshoot.

Lauren and I pause for a quick shot.

There was of course more people here, but only us "young ones" went out for the shoot. :) So thus the lack of photos.

Nick did the honors of lighting the candles for this special birthday. ;)

Smiling for the photographer.

Happy with the stunning fabric. Thanks to Anna B.

An amazing gift from Aunt Jane.

I've already got huge plans for this pattern. Many thanks to Aunt Kristi!

Huge thanks to Grandma W. I now own a cool bright green jacket! :D
I got lots of amazing gifts from lots of awesome friends! Unfortunately we don't have pictures of them all...Anyway. Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!. :) It means more then you know. :)

Some of the shoes that were seen during the evening.

We were all super interested in my new book, The Way They Were Dressed: in the 1860's, from Megan. :)
We had a blast of a slumber party, as always! :) Some of the girls stayed till about 1 p.m. we took a nice stroll and had a bunch of laughs. :) Nikki was able to stay till late Sunday night so we had a little weeny roast. So over all it was a total hit. ;)

What my curls looked like brushed out. :) (Its known as my "party hair".)

This is like my favorite picture of Michelle ever!!! :)

My poor 'little' baby wanted to join the party to... :) Gotta love my, Cody. :D

And a few creative shots of our fire. :D

Michelle got bored so we had a photoshoot just for the burning stick. lol
It couldn't have happened without y'all making it such a great time! Thanks again!



Tara Janelle said...


Great outfits! Ya'll look great! And I LOVE the shoe shot...I really need to get some cute heels! :)

Your curls brushed out look so good, compared to mine... which turns into a complete afro. No joke.

Rachel B. said...

Happy birthday, Brooke! It looks like you had a really fantastic party! What fabric did you get? How do you like your book (The Way They Were Dressed: 1860s)? I've asked for it for Christmas ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww, what a cool party! I'm having a blast loading everything huge so that I can do some great collages!
It was soo good to finally see what you did, and got, and looked like.. I'm amazed by your dress- I knew you'd do something smashing, I just didn't know what!!
All your presents sound 'perfect', I bet you're just thrilled to death!
I'm glad the whole thing turned out so well!

Sarah Jane said...

Happiest of Birthdays dear Brooke! It looks like you had a wonderful time and a great party with lovely friends and family. You all look wonderful although I must admit it is decidedly *strange* to see you NOT wearing hoopskirts and 1860's fashions! :D I don't know if I would have recognized you! The rag curls are darling! And despite what Michelle may have thought, I think she looks stunning with her hair that way and her outfit is awesome!

Megan said...

I had soo much fun on your party, Boorke!!!!
I loved everyones outfits:)
Thanks for the "note" Brooke. hehe I'll have to remember that.
The weinie roast was such a blast too:D
It wouldn't had be near as fun with out Nikki:)

The Whitakers said...

Glad you had fun!And notice I was a clever one and dodged the camera.
Victory Again!!
RAY ;))

Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Tara! :)

Rachel, I got an embriodered denium for a modern skirt and a cotton print for 1860's. :) The book is amazing. I actually have both volumes and they are a couple of the best books I own. :D

Thanks, Kate. :)

Sarah, I guess that means I should venture into other eras more. :P Thanks... :)

Thanks for ur comment, Megan. :)

Ray, you do disapoint me!!! lol Just kidding. :) Altho I feel really bad there ain't a picture of u. I hated to leave u out. :( lol