Monday, October 3, 2011

Danville Civil War reenactment 2011 Part 1.

Our journey begins on Friday the 21st. First we started out by picking up our friend, Rachel. Many thanks to her Grandma for bringing her half way. ;) We spent the rest the day preparing for the event by ironing, ironing, and ironing some more. lol In total we did 7 petticoats, 3 pairs of drawers, 3 chemises, and 8 dresses (haha I know we're nuts). Also we took on the task of packing all the rest of our 1860's wardrobes, swimsuits, and modern clothes. By 6:00 p.m. we had finished our preparations as well as our chores for the night. So we left for Grandma's house. With a rowdy night a head. lol

3 of us got our hair into rag curlers.
Which created this look.
It was a busy morning. Filled with dressing, doing hair, eating, packing.... You get the idea. :P If your having trouble, just imagine 10 girls going on a trip. :D

Boarding the "bus".

Abigail, Lauren, and I from Sarah and Michelle's view.

The trip was long. We were tiring of the chosen music and decided to get our own. As you can see here. Sarah thought her Adele CD would be a good choice. Unfortunately it was on the bottom of her suit case which was stuck under the seat with her blanket packed tightly on top. After several tries she gave up then decided to press on. At last she was triumphant tho much to our pleasure I might add. :D
The day started out rainy and cool. Here we are trying to regain our composure after trying to decently put on all our hoops and cages with the spectators passing by. :P

A quick shot of bliss.

We found a sutler shop that sported originals! Which pleased us to no end! I purchased 2 which I will hopefully post about soon. ;)

Strategic placement....
Eating a delicious lunch provided by our dear Grandma. :)

A side saddle rider...

FASHION SHOW TIME! :D Pictures were taken by our dear cousin, Rachel. :) It may not seem like much to some, but we sure get a charge being in them. If you don't believe me, just ask Sarah. ;D

The men started it off...

General Lee.

Gotta love all the grey! :P

The blue is just a fashion statement not a political support technique. lol

An adorable little girl doing her part in the show.

These ladies were the entertainment to us while waiting for the fashion show. They were hilarious and played their part well. 

Me and Lauren started off our 'section' of it.

Lauren in her new dress.

Hitting on the details.

The next round is up...

Megan is in the spotlight.

My beautiful big sister!

Sarah looking like a real lady! :)

A few other participants.

A very generous lady made our day by supplying us with buttermints.

Michelle and Sarah. Best friends, cousins, and most importantly twins.

Searching for people to sign the scavenger hunt paper. Don't worry, just Megan and Rachel were participating...We just had to chaperon. :D

A few of the many tents.

A confederate campsite.

Being called to arms...

Preparing for battle.

Just before the battle some of us decided to quench our thirst.

We're all laughing as Sarah flounders for a drink. The fountain had major problems. :) lol

I'm having a go at it as everyone continues to laugh at our misfortune.
In the end after a very horrifying spill we had a empty cup to use. Which solved most of our troubles. We then proceeded to try to melt them. Sadly and much to our dismay and embarrassment. IT DIDN'T WORK.
We also decided to have a little impromptu photoshoot.
Megan beaming in delight while presenting her new sheer dress.
What?!?! There they are again. lol

Rachel you should love this picture. I AM TALLER THEN YOU! Only cause I'm standing on my tip toes. I wasn't blessed with extreme height as you were. Oh to be 6' tall. :P Long time friends are the best. :D

Beautiful Babbling Brooke. A title re-presented by Michelle. :S

The troublemakers. Opps! Was that out loud?!?! Don't worry girls I'm just giving ya a hard time in return for u know what. :-/

Didn't Michelle do an awesome job?!?!

The dear young ones.
Adding alittle flair to the hair. lol

The Irish ladies' making pies for their mistress.

The mistress.

With that we will adjourn part 1. We do hope you've enjoyed it.:) And return soon for part 2. :)

Brooke and Michelle


Samantha B. said...

you girls all looks SO lovely!! :D

Abigail said...

I love the photos! Where did Michelle get the sheer fabric? I'm wanting to make a 1859 sheer dress, and I LOVE plaid.

Megan said...

I had so much fun at this reenactment!!!!!!! Thanks to Sarah for entertaining me on the way there and back LOL I can't wait till the next parts:D hehe

Michelle said...

It was so fun to be in a fashion show again. I very much enjoyed the style of this one. Waa, it makes me think of Jacksonville. "cry"
I haven't laugh so much as when watching us try to get drinks out of the hydrant. I sure hope no one could hear us. It was a heart break to see all those awesomely delicious mints go to waste though. We should be ashamed. :b
I would like to say a special thanks to Grandma for making this outing possible. And the lunch she had made was scrumptious! It was so fun to have you there Grandma, Love you more then you know! You are a very special person in my life!
I was very glad the rain let up as the day went on. It's never nice when it's raining at events.
It was like the coolest thing to have originals at that sutler. I kina wish I would have got the bible or something. Oh well, no regrets.
The ride there was quite entertaining thanks to Sarah and every one else!:)
The hotel was definitely a cool experience. I had a lot of fun there also!!!!!!!!
And last, but not least I would like to tell you all that you looked beautiful beyond words! As always! I hope I can see you all again soon.


Anonymous said...

What fun!
I enjoyed seeing eeeeeeeeverything!
Brooke I was beginning to think you'd neglected your poor blue dress for black sheers lol :D I love seeing what everyone wore, it has to be *one* of my favorite (if not THE favorite) part of event postings!
Michelle did a smashing job on Megans dress, I almost shouted for mom to come back and take a look with me, it's just awesome!! I'm sooo jealous heh-he!
I'm in love with the curls, I've been messing around, but haven't done rag curlers, don't ask why :)

and your bus; is it 15 pass?? It looked somewhat smaller than our bus, but I couldn't be sure..

You guys stole the fashion show.. seriously!
Your smiles are so contagious :)

It's too bad about your mints, but it got me busting a gut-AGH! couldn't ya pick em up?? or were they soggy by then?

The photoshoot is squeal worthy, it made me soo happy when I saw you'd done one!!!
and my goodness I loved the shot of Rachel and you, no matter who's taller, I think she grew since she last wore that dress tho', it seemed longer on her at Springfield that one year you all went... Maybe it's just cause she was wearing boots this time, oh and let her know I'm green with envy over those adorable boots too! I'd think about stealing them ;)
You're wonderful for letting us see all those terrific pictures, a lot of fun and memories are caught forever in them...

Wiola said...

I absolutely adore Megan's dress. It suits her well. I love the frill details around her neck.