Thursday, October 6, 2011

Danville Civil War reenactment 2011 Part 2

Moving on to the battle....

Some of the Calvary.

Go rebels!!!!!!

Union Commanders

In the heat of the battle.

These 2 horses didn't seem to get along to well. :P Never the less it makes for a great photo. ;)

Booo!!! Just kidding. I'm sure they did an awesome job. :D

Is that creepy looking or what?!!?! lol

It was great so see a pretty strong force of confederates. They tend to be pretty sparse....


As they start dropping like flies. :D lol

No matter how stressful the situation that cigar isn't movin'.

A wounded solider....

I love the dramatic pose on the right. ;)

The surrender!!!!!

These here soliders did alittle bayonet charge toward us. Unfortunately Michelle was to scared to take a picture when they were actually pointing them at us. lol

Some bows I want to make. So for anyone that's wonderful the main reason I have this is so I can remember what they look like.

Many thanks to the young gentleman that kindly took a photo of all of us.
Lauren in her new gown!

In line for dinner.

Chowin' down!

Tuckered out before dancing a single step? :P

The sky was outstanding that evening!

Leaving to ready for the dance.

This is only a small fraction of our things. :D
 Sadly, we don't have any pictures from the dance altho there's not much to have seen. The building was lovely and the band was terrific. But there was like no one dancing other then us. lol On average I'd say 4 gentlemen were dancing. And several other ladies. Need less to say we were quite put out. But we still had a jolly dancing with each other and looking back it was one of the funner times I've had dancing so I suppose one could say it all ended up well. :)

Now we move onto sunday morning.
Eating to get energy for our morning swim. haha

The morning workout. They couldn't figure out why they weren't burning any calories.... :S Even I am amazed by what some of us do...

Preparing to dive in. Okay so I slowly walked into it... What ever... lol

It was so nice to have Grandma join us in the water. :D

On the way home we ate at Cracker Barrel...Michelle enjoyed trying some of the masks they had there...

The south end of our table...

Our darling Grandma. We're all very thankfully to her for making this trip happen.

Rachel wanted to be in every picture. :D

Our driver, Emily. You did a wonderful job with all us wild girls in the back, my dear. :)

The darling Rachel. Or on this occasion known as Ray, since we struggle with duplicate names...


The ever onery Abigail. Okay...she's not that bad. ;P

Sarah...I think this portrays her personality well. And no, I am not always that impressed by her. lol

The photographer, Michelle.

She owns this store and she never even new it. lol
A quick overview of the event. The location was fantastic, far away from any modern inconveniences. There was actually quite a few reenactors(the most I've seen) which made the battle the best we'd seen. Also there seemed to be a pretty good sized crowd of spectators. It was nice to have the dance indoors. That always makes them so much nicer and it was raining while we danced so it actually made it possible in this case. :D

Sorry about the somewhat lame post. We're kind of in a hurry. :D

Brooke and Michelle


The Whitakers said...

Thats funny about the cigar!
Great post!

The Whitakers said...

Oh ho ho ho! So am I the very 1st to comment? I feel soooo honored! The love the post, as usual... What do you mean you're not always impressed be me???? :)

Anonymous said...

That is hardly a lame post Brooke!!! (except for the pictures of me...)
You sure got some good shots of Jake up there.;) hehehehe

Rachel Jo

Lauren R said...

Hahhaa, I love the dude with the cigar, with all that madness going on around. Great photos!

Michelle said...

This was such a wonderful event and a great time spent with the best friends and cuzin's one could have! And no Brooke, I'm not going to forget you either, and sisters! :) Love you all lots.:b
I'm sorry if a lot of the photo's seem like reruns that would be my fault.
I thought the battle was FANTASTIC. It was so much more detailed than most. They just needed a confederate calvery.:)

Anonymous said...

Rachel; those pisctures were *so* not lame, you have your Dad's really cute, mischievous grin, your eyes just sparkle :).. The rest of them were simply sweet, lame doesn't even belong in relation to you!
I loved this post, it made me feel just like I was actually there with you, wish I really was.
That battle was excellent as far as I could see! But goodness don't call the good grey boys "rebels"!
and I'm obviously missing out on something here because who in the heck is Jake??
I'm very interested to know what the effect\edits are in this picture:
One other Q. why on earth is that guy "wounded" when the battle hasn't even begun?? when did he get time to get bandaged?? *BCG*

My goodness you guys brought a lot of stuff along didn't you? I loved seeing it all stacked up like that!
That picture of the masked Michelle was toooo funny, and I really enjoyed seeing the hotel\pool shots as well, thanks for sharing your weekend and all those wonderful pictures! The sky 'specially- it was beautiful!

It looks like y'all laughed a lot and had a blast, I'm so glad Rachel was there ;D Thanks Rachel!