Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Miss Samantha's Civil War Dress

Y'all may remember my friend Samantha from my previous post. After her first event she decided she'd like her own civil war dress.
So she picked out the fabric and mailed it to me. We disscussed the style a bit and I set out to work.
I wanted to get it back to her in time for her next event which was a week away. Needless to say I needed to scramble. ;)
I threw together a mock up and sent it out the day before I got the fabric. Thankfully it got there the next day and she was able to try it on and send me pictures so I could see how it fit. I was a tad nervous. I've done long distance fittings before, but this was my first time doing an 1860's dress that way. After a bit more discussion we decided to go ahead and do a jeweled neck line rather then the previously planned boat neck. That was the main change I had to make to the pattern. Other then that I just took a inch off the bottom of the lower bodice as I wasn't pleased with how the length was looking.   
Its so handy how most the girls I make dresses for are close enough in size to Michelle and myself that we can use the same pattern without having to start completely from scratch. So this particular one was from my and Michelle's matching sheer gowns. The sleeve pattern and all. :D
Double puff sleeves have become quite popular amoung our little 'group'. I've got lots of practice on them and they seem easier then most other styles now. :D Michelle helped me hand gather everything, which was a huge help cause hand sewing is just something you can't rush. ;)
Aren't those buttons just adorable?!?! I love the way they sort of pop out at you. :)
I gauged the skirt. This was perhaps the most time consuming part. I did it all in one sitting tho. :D And a huge thanks to Michelle for sewing it on, since my brain was fried at the point. :) lol
I did 4, 1/2 inch (finished) tucks. Tucks are one of my favorite things to do. I love the way they look, they are so handy for changing the length of the skirt (especailly for growing youngsters), and they also give the skirt a bit more body! :) I also did a 6" hem facing.
In the end it took me less then 48 hours to make and I was able to get it in the mail on Monday morning. I think it came out soooo cute. I was kinda wishing it was mine. lol Anyhow I totally can't wait to see her in it! :)



Issy said...

It is so pretty. :)

Stephanie Ann said...

Love it. You did such a great job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOO much Brooke! I still can't believe that you got it done so fast- I really appreciate it!
And the fit is PERFECT. Couldn't be better. =)

Sarah said...

Great job! The dress is beautiful. : )

Abigail said...

Beautiful! I want one now!!!! :)

The Whitakers said...

Wow! Gorgeous dress! And I was thinking...It looks a ton like my dress! :) Samantha we can almost match! :)Great job on the dress, Brookw. You never disappoint!
~Sarah W~

Megan said...

Such an adorible dress!!!

Lilac Bud Gal said...

You did an AMAZING job, Brooke!!!!! :) When Samantha told me about it, I was kind of surprised, and kind of not. ;) I know what a wonderful seamstress you are. :) In any case, the dress is just beautiful. So, when are you making mine? ;) hah!


Lady D said...

I think that's dress is so pretty. Did you draft the pattern from scratch or is it based on a commercial one?

Brooke said...

Alittle of both Lady D...a similar look can be achieved with Historic Moments 250. :)

Brooke said...
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Juanita Decuir said...

I am very interested in this dress pattern that you used, can you please, tell me from where it came from, how can I purchase a copy?