Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hasty Modern Apron

Awhile back I threw together this apron for a friend's wedding shower.
It was a Saturday night when we found out about the shower -which was the next day. Thus we didn't have time to go to town and get anything for a gift. 
My wheels started spinning and I decided an apron would be okay and unique since like nobody gives people aprons these days. :D 
So on Sunday morning, after much deliberation I finally found a picture of one I liked. Michelle drew up a some shapes/a pattern to go off. I rushed around cutting and sewing as fast as I possibly could. 
The fabric we've had in our stash for as long as I can remember. Lauren's favorite color is green so we knew that we wanted it to atleast have alittle of that in the material we ended up selecting. Much to our dismay we have *very* little green in our collection. :-) Thankfully we were able to find this... The waistband and ties are cut on the straight and sew as normal ties. The skirt is rounded in the corners/bottom. Then gathered to the waistband. The ruffle is double layer and cut on the bias for alittle visual interest.
We barely eeked it out in time and I was finishing it as we walked out the door -never the less I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for being a 2 hour project (and this was like the first apron I've ever made. :D :P)


Tiana said...

It's so pretty! I love the ruffles!

The Whitakers said...

Waiting for you to post London Mills.... :)