Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lauren and Jonathan's Wedding Day

August 18th 2012 - it was on this day that my very dear friend, Lauren, was wed to her adoring fiancé, Jonathan. It was a very happy day indeed! Everything was soooo beautiful, like a fairy tale and I couldn't be happier for the both of them! And now I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking... ;)
The gorgeous alter... 
Awaiting his lovely bride...
Here she comes!! Yay. ;) 
Isn't her hair like the most adorable thing ever! Love it! 
Making their vows! 
Mr. & Mrs. Peterson!
The Bride's parents
Mr. & Mrs. Burke!
They are some of the loveliest people I have ever met! I feel so blessed to know both of them and they have brought alot of joy to my life! 
The maid of honor, Lauren's gorgeous sister, Ariel! 
Oh look! Another one. lol My charming cousin Emily was also a bridesmaid! 
The reception was fabulous! All the decorations were so breath taking. I could hardly believe how creative they all were. :D It also confirmed in my mind that I want green as one of my wedding colors. ;) 
The streamer things for when they annouced them as husband and wife.  
There was lots of yummy things to eat! :D 
One of the beautiful centerpeices! 
Their cake was phenomenal!!! 
Such a vibrant and cheerful color! 
The flowers were sooo pretty! 
There was even little fishes! ;) 
I coud have stood there and drank this stuff all day! It was like the best thing I've ever tasted. lol 
Getting our picture with some of our reenactor friends.
Mr & Mrs. Hackmann 
Aren't the bouquets just lovely?!!? 
This little wall was such a creative idea! Everyone had alot of fun with it!  
Cutting their cake.. 
And this I had to post because Sarah looks *SO* cute and I'd like you to notice the adorable new hair cut she was sporting! :)
After arriving home us girls took a few picture since we were "all dressed up". :p 
Me and my best friend aka older sister Michelle. 
Megan sportin' the new bob! 
My stunning big sister, Michelle! 
Me and my baby. His name is Cody. ;)
Despite being a very bittersweet day (its hard knowing she's be living so far away and that we won't be able to see her often) was very beautiful day and I'm very excited to see how God works in their lives together!
For more pictures you can go here and here.

Love you girl and I wish you all the best! Miss you so much! ♥


Savories of Life said...

I will have to send this to my sister who loves green! I liked the cake

Anonymous said...

This looks like such a lovely wedding! The colors are beautiful!