Thursday, August 8, 2013

1860's Civilian Men's Shirt

A while back I had a gentleman commission this shirt....
I used pima cotton for the first time ever. One of the most fabulous materials I've ever worked with. Perfect weave and incredibly smooth! I was able to find the best price with an eBay seller - who unfortunately no longer offers this product. :( It is available for just a tad more here at
Made in the same fashion as mentioned here.
I sewed the majority of this one by machine. I always do buttonholes, gathering threads, and other finishing touches by hand tho...
China buttons from my secret "supplier".
 Very lightly gathered back. 
Buttonholes - not my favorite part of mid-century sewing. ;)
I am still chugging along on the biggest 'commission' I've ever taken on in my sewing career...An overload of pictures will come around sometime in September.. ;)


Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh wow! Nice job. I love your button holes! xD

Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh my! Beautiful job. I like your button holes! xD