Wednesday, July 13, 2011

modern toddler dress

I made this dress quite awhile back for my Etsy shop.

 Its sized for a 12 month old. I listed it around Easter hoping it would sell quickly, but its still here! :P

The material has a lovely drape and was wonderful to work with. I always love things that don't ravel and stay where they are supposed to be. Unlike the spandex I'm currently working with. :-/

A close up shot of the back...

Not much to say about the little with that I'll sign off...



The Whitakers said...

Hi Brooke!
I love your blog. All the pictures look so old fashioned. You have quite a talent for sewing. I've always been amazed at the gift you have to simply take a pattern and have it actually turn out when its done. (And fit!):). Post often. I can't wait to see how the swimsuits turn out. Take care, Love ya, Aunt Kristi :)

Sarah Jane said...

What a cute dress! I love dresses for little girls with full skirts, short bodices and darling puff sleeves! If I ever have a little girl I will dress her in styles like this. :) I hope you find a buyer for your lovely gown soon. It will make some little girl VERY happy!

Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Aunt Kristi! I can't wait to see how our swim suits turn out either. We have one done, but the next 2 are more complicated so we'll see. :P

Sarah Jane, thanks. :) I love dreaming about all the cute things I could put a girl of my own in.... :D The possiblities are endless. :)

Anonymous said...

AWW, I so ditto Aunt Kristi :D
She's right as rain, Brooke you rock! I love this dress, it's so sweet....
But why can't I fit in it?? I got crummy Amish dresses, not works of art like this... Lif'e so unfair!
See ya 'round Hon

Brooke said...

Aw. that's sweet of you dear, Kate. :)
You just need to send me pictures of what you want and I'll make them for you. :D Its never to late to wear what ya like. :D lol


Anonymous said...

Heh-he! Thanks sweetheart :D Now.. about your offer *rubs chin thoughtfully*..This is gettin' VERY interesting...
It "is" a little too late to wear this style of toddler dress tho'... unless I'm passing for a Amish lady in maternity dress *grins*.. not quite the look I'm goin' for.. But for a lil girlie? It'd be G.R.E.A.T!
I'll chat with you soon

Brooke said...

Yeah, your right. It is alittle late. :P