Monday, August 29, 2011

Galesburg Heritage Days Part 3.

 We've come to the last part of the journey thru the reenactment. So please enjoy the final huzzah! :)
 These were taken by my darling sister Michelle...

Michelle's favorite part of reenacting...she gets to see all the guns together. :D haha

We had the pleasure of meeting Laura and her children. She's a lovely lady and I do hope we can see her again soon.

Thru out the day we sewed on out repro scrap quilt. We can't wait to see what it looks like finished. It should be interesting with all the different fabrics.

Sewing, what I do best.

Waiting for instruction on sewing.

Michelle's graceful hands...

A perfect back view of my new sheer and hat. As well as Megan's new esemble.

For tradition. (We took one just like this last year)

A quiet moment in the camp.

Preparing for battle.

Marching off to war.

Waiting in anticipation.


Riding into the action.

Looking for...???? :D

Moving a cannon.

A stately commander.

In the heart of the battle.

*Note to Michelle-horrible background.* Okay back to our regularly scheduled program. :P

The doctor and his assistant. Peter and David.

Walking in harmony.

The fallen...

A group of artillery weapons. Notice Tom, doing what he does best. ;)

Showing 2 dimensions

The dead.

Coming to a close.

And the end, of the battle that is. ;)

The love of a mother and son.

Our dear friend Sarah Jane was also in attendance with her family. We had a lovely time visiting with her as always. She's such a wonderful lady and I'm very blessed to know her.

Abigail and Sarah shopping.


A humorous picture of our group with 2 soldiers. Notice the phone and Chris yelling into his pal's ear. lol

Trying to be normal, but that's only a setting on a washing machine so it clearly isn't working. :P


Michelle looking beyond compare.

Showing the detail of her new esemble.

Beaming for the camera and looking like a freak. lol

A wonderful image of Megan. This was the first time she wore this outfit. She made pretty much all her underclothes and helped on the dress.

Laughing at another one of Tom's jokes.

Sarah looking grand in her new dress made by Michelle.


Showing her colors.

Lovely Lauren.

An awesome shot of us with our "adopted" Grandpa by Christian Jebb. lololol


Michelle can't be creative right now and think of a caption for this one (its policy to think one up for each other) so I suppose we'll leave this as lame....

Awaiting the dance.

The little sister.

A nice romantic gaze. ♥ :)

Sarah posing for yet another shot.

Just for the record they are drinking English lemonade in cool colored bottles.

My cousins at their best. Just teasing we still love ya. :)

Gasping for air. haha

Your guess is as good as mine!

A cover for the movie Hats, Hoops, and Happy days. lol :P

Heading out for dinner...

The stampede approaches.....

The hottest car I've seen in along time!

Sarah crooning over the it....

A view from our table at Steak & Shake! (If ya can't tell its a guy pushing a lawn mower)

Dad's reaction to thee above.

Abigail debating what to order.

Another tradition...

"I wanna be in the picture to!"

Looking happy before this...

.....happened. While eating it started pouring to our dismay. Thankfully it let up in time for the dance. We were afraid it was going to be a re-run of Jacksonville being flooded out.

How'd that happen?!?!?!!?

The twins...not by birth... :D

Back to the park we went...

Passing time till the dance.

The ever graceful Lauren and Emily.

Lined up to dance! Photo credit: Tom.

During the middle of the dance there was night cannon firing.

(the last 3 are also courtesy of Tom.)

Overall, tho small its a wonderful event. The location is fantastic and beautiful. The rendezvous side is much larger the the civil war side. But we find smaller events make it easier to visit with people one on one. The battle was not the best we'd seen. Not because of lack of good intention, but due to the small amount of soldiers. There wasn't many ladies there either. The dance could use some improvements in our opinion. It was still very fun tho! :) They had a very nice variety of attractions for sure. The park is very scenic and makes for wonderful photos. And it has wonderful paths all throughout. The night cannon fire is really awesome to as you can see from the photos above. And the people were really friendly which is always a plus. :D In the end we recommend you go if you have the opportunity! And I suppose this will be the end of our small review. We do hope you've enjoyed a peek into our weekend experiences. We'd love to hear what you think! :)

Brooke and Michelle


Megan said...

This event was loads of fun!!!
The night fire was so cool.
I think Sarah Jane's dress is very beautiful!
That car is sooo awesome:P Just to bad it is kinda in a diffrent era lol
Hope to see everyone again soon...!

Megan Marie

tresmomma said...

It was very nice to meet all of you ladies. I enjoyed your photos and even stole a couple that were of me and mine. :)

Brooke said...

Thanks Laura. :) It was wonderful to meet you also. :)

Michelle said...

This was such a fun event!!!
It was very nice meeting you Laura! It's always nice to meet new people! Especially when you kinda know them from somewhere, like the SA.:)I hope we can c u @ more events to come! BTW your clothes looked great!!!
It was so much fun to sew on the quilt blocks! It was nice to have somthing to do to be part of the event. Other than just walk around and such. :b
And of course it was totally Awesome to have our cuzins and friends there! Luv u all!
I was so glad the rain let up before the dance!!!
As you can probably c we are all kinda crazy, by the pictures in Steak and Shake! And by some of the other pix that I need not mention! :b
Seeing Tom and haveing a photo shoot wl him was sooo coooool! I had quite the time danceing wl him also! lol
These posts about the event were very fun to put together so I hope you all enjoyed them as much as we did putting them together!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!... no make that wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm amazed.. yeah.. whew!
I had so much fun seeing all those cool pictures!.. You guys looked out of this world awesome, soo happy to be there! First event excitement right? lol!
I've seen many, many happy faces and pretty black dresses, and pics of you Whitaker girls, but yours at this event take the stage and win all awards ever!.. Your hat, the poses, the grins, people, quilt.. all of everything!! It was sooo much fun seeing and reading about! I love all Michelles shots, she's so talented and you already know how much I was looking forwards to this photoshoot, I live vicariously through your reenactments since I don't go to any myself.. and I wasn't let down in anything..
GREAT!!!! seeing everything, just like I was there.. the poeople, fires.. I can just smell the smoke, and feel that "butterfly" at being there early in the morning and watching Aleks and Dad leave in their Confederate garb! Took me down memory lane, Thank you so much- all of you for having a good time and letting me see it!
I can't wait till I can actually be there in person.. and that is the only downside, how much I missed you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and tell Megan her dress and whole "look" is amazingly beautiful and I'm soo proud of her!
She's off to a great start, just like her awesome sisters...It's not fair.. that SHE gets you two.. and I don't *sniff*.. some luck out in everything!!
I simply cannot wait to come over and SEE in person these black sheers, I'm drooling :D

Brooke said...

Thanks for your comment, Michelle. You know how much I love them. :D

Kate, your soooooo sweet. :D Yep, first event of the year excitment for sure. The funny thing is we never lose it. hehe I'm so glad you enjoyed the look into the event. :) I will tell Megan... :) I can't wait till you can be with us in perosn either. ♥


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, that's for sure.. I never lost the butterfly feeling!
It really has been wonderful seeing this event, I swear I've seen some of those guys before.. crazy!