Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Megan's 1870's inspired dress

 I've returned from a long trip to Missouri and due to a small amount of internet time and a lack of pictures...well, that explains why I haven't posted for some time. :) Never the less while I was away my sisters had a wonderful photo shoot so I'd have something to show you when I returned. :)

I made this dress for Megan's 10th birthday. But we've just now got around to taking some nice pictures of it. :)

It was originally intended to be 1870's, but holds little historical accuracy. Michelle and I just decided it could also pass as a 1970's dress. :P

I used 2 different patterns and lots tweaking. :D The fabric is quite old and was in 3 pieces. It took a bunch of strategic cutting to make it fit. :-/

For the bodice I once again used Elizabeth Stewart Clark's pattern. I had to ease it alittle bit to fit Megan's waist, which is why it appears to be gathered.

It closes in the back with buttons. They were old to. :D Ah, the wonders of a very large stash. lol

I used Elizabeth's open/loose sleeve pattern.  

I then top stitched ribbon around the neckline and on the hems of the sleeves for alittle bit of shine.

As simple as it looks. The skirt was by far the hardest part for me. I used a simplicity pattern. As you might be able to tell from the photos. The skirt tapers shorter in the front so that means one has to put the pieces together in the right order or it comes out all woppy jaud. It took several tries for me to end up with it right, but all in all it would be easy if you mark well before you take the pattern pieces off. ;)

That's all for today. :)



Michelle said...

Brooke, you did a fabulous job making this dress. You know I am always proud of you with what ever you make! Keep up the good work!

Love your sister,

The Whitakers said...

Thats awesome Brooke!!!
You always do a wonderful job at whatever you're sewing!
Post some of the swimming pics!
Love ya,

The Whitakers said...

Neat-o! I love the picture of Megan where she's swinging around the pole! :)

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, seeing this at last after we'd talked about it while you were in missouri.. is wonderful, I thought about it after we talked, as well as bugged mom to see if you posted a ton :)

Tell Megan I think she looks like a princess,just beautiful..

Michelle did a great job with the photography as usual!!!

As for yourself; Keep up amazing us... this dress.. wow! What a adorable creation (it's really toooooo lovely to be 1970's)

Sorry I couldn't be on to tell you before this, and welcome home anyways- I missed you! hope the trip home was as fun as the trip down *wink*


The Whitakers said...

Awww...I was hoping to see a post from Saturday!!! :(
~Cherise :)

The Whitakers said...

Ya know, looking at Megan's dress now, the way it hangs in the back, It looks Edwardian!!! :)

Brooke said...

Aw, that's so sweet of you Michelle. :)

Ray, how very kind!!!!! Its so specail to hear that you think that! :)

Thanks, Cherise. And I'm going to wait to post about Galesburg till I get a few of Tom's pictures. And your right her dress does look edwardian. :)

Kate, my dear! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! It means alot hun. :)