Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Galesburg Heritage Days 2012

 On Sunday we went to one of our favorite events Galesburg Heritage Days. This was our 3rd year there! We hadn't been sure if we were going to be able to make it this year since we all had a wedding to attend that same weekend, but thankfully it worked out that we could go up on Sunday!!! Hurrah! Due to the busy-ness of the weekend...only 4 of us girls were able to attend, along with my parents and little brother.
 We got up at the crack of dawn and readied ourselves. We ended up arriving around 9:30.
We started the day off by giving the confederates forces some fabulous coffee cake Michelle had made for them. 
Here you see her serving it. And before y'all start speculating about her being among the guys without an escort...she had one. lol Plus me, Megan, and Sarah kept a close guard. ;)
We then watched them do a bunch of drilling and quickly exited the field when they fired an unexpected volley. I'm afraid it frightened poor, Sarah dear, quite alot... lol
Over looking his soldiers! 
(I really like how that picture turned out. :D)
Next we spent some time sewing and socializing with some of the folks. And I took some measurements on a client for a new project that I'm really excited about and can't wait to show you! ;)
Here I'm working on a pinafore that I started quite awhile back...okay like a LONG time ago. lol My goal: get it done this year. *blush*
Then it was time for a few photos...
Left to right:
Megan, me, Michelle, and Sarah. 
Megan got a new gown for the weekend. Its not finished yet, but once we get it done I'll be sure to share some pictures. :) It was our first time doing a silk 1860s dress so it was quite an experience. :) 
This has to be one of my favorite pictures from the entire day!  
The charming Sarah.
 Don't you just love her hair?!?! Her and Megan both got bobs this week...I was a bit concerned about pulling off period correct hairstyles, but they both did wonderful and looked *very* beautiful!

Me and my fabulous big sister!
We were trying to practice our pose for a future wet plate image. Still needs a bit of work, but we are getting there. ;) 
Yours truly.
I wore my hair up for the first time in like forever. I was quite pleased with how it held up. I wish I had a good picture of the back. It looked kinda cool if I may say so myself. ;p 
The 'twins' traditional photo.
Aren't they just the most gorgeous ladies ever?!
After that we visited with this lovely lady, Emily, whom we had meet last year at Minooka. It was such a wonderful surprise to see her there!
With her is her 15 month old son Liam. He was like the cutest little thing I'd ever seen!
Her husband was also portraying a confederate soldier that day. We really enjoyed talking with them and they are like the most darling little family of all times. Very sweet people and I hope we'll be able to spend more time with them this year. 
Michelle and Emily looking SUPER lady like.
While Megan, Sarah, and I were a bit more unruly and went off to watch the 
And now for a few shots of the battle...
I may be a bit biased, but I thought these gentlemen looked pretty great. :D 
A Federal artillery man. 
Megan did a GREAT job capturing this. Tho I have to admit I'm not really sure what's going on in this picture. I see Federals and Confederates in the same spot and the apparent canon fire coming from the federal side. lol Confusing, but none the less a pretty sweet picture. :) 
Michelle and Liam.
Can you tell she loves babies?!?! lol

It was a splendid day. One of the better times we've had... :) And nice way to put an end to our season for awhile. We probably won't be able to go to anymore reenactments till October. Which is really sad, but I'm hoping to revamp my wardrobe in the meantime... :) The rest of our pictures can be seen here.

In other news...Michelle and I started GED prep classes at a community college today. That's a new experience for us. So we could definitely use some good wishes for us in that venture. ;) Hoping to graduate later on this year!
More soon!



Samantha said...

This looked SO fun!! I absolutely love the new dresses as well! I think I need another one... ;)
Galesburg is going on my list for next year. =)
I am really counting down the days until Princeton- seems like forever away! Whenever you post it reminds me of just how much I like coming. =)

Megan said...

This was so much fun:D Can't wait for our next event!!!!
Thank you for your compliment on the canon picture:) It was at the end of the battle, but I'm not exactly sure what they were doing either:P