Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Muskets and Memories, Boscobel WI 2012

 It was a trip of firsts. First time going to a reenactment out of state, dancing with over 200 other dancers, being a 'refugee' in the Fredricksburg battle 'scenerio', having some darling readers of this blog come up and introduce their selves to me (it was wonderful to meet you ladies btw :), spending 5 hours in the car with a sick person, first time watching Sarah get an ice cream cone at a gas station and dump all the ice cream out on the side walk while trying to get the wrapper off. lol Things started off bit rocky with one of the members of our party getting sick on the way up. But once we got to the actual event...things began going a bit better. :)
 Oh and I just have to add...I got to watch the Olympics for the first time ever on Friday night when we stayed over at Emily and Bryce's... :D It was awesome. lol

Moving onto the few pictures we have...I requested Michelle keep her camera hidden most the day...thus the distressing lack of photos. Not to worry I have learned my lesson tho and won't be asking for something like that again. ;)

Megan, Sarah, and I with a gentleman - who I hear is called Igor. We decided to snap this while Bryce was getting some of his beloved cheese was right by a busy road and we had several people yelling out their windows at Oh and another reason I wanted to share prove that we did at one point in the day look put still curly and no limp dresses. Thanks to the rain...that didn't last long.

My gorgeous big sister in her new gown that we made the week before. ;)
Thankfully the rain subsided after a few hours and they were still able to have the battle. As I mentioned above the battle they were doing was Fredricksburg so Michelle, Sarah, Megan, and I - along with a bunch of other civilians - portrayed refugees. That quite a bit of fun.
Some of the confederate forces.
They all did a spectacular job, I was quite impressed with them. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the Yanks. They didn't take many hits during the battle despite being the ones that were to end up losing...:p
We took a few more shots after getting ready for the dance.
Michelle and I.
Don't I have the most lovely big sister of all times?!?!
Me and my darling cousin, Sarah!
Michelle and Chris going for a spin at the dance.
The dance was, in and of itself a sight to see. There was hundreds of people dancing the entire night! It was quite fascinating for someone such as myself...I don't think I'd ever been to one with more then a 100 or so.

Despite a few set backs we had an awesome time. The event itself was phenomenal and I definitely hope to be back next year. The visit with Bryce's grandparents and the tour of their area was a blast as well! And the trip home was...well...SO MUCH  fun! And I have to document that also on the way home I went to an antique store for the first time *EVER*. It was like the coolest place ever! I found a few treasures and left way more then a few behind. lol
I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend! I'd heard about it for the past few years, but it had always been to far away. Many thanks to my dear cousins Emily and Bryce for being our guardians, putting up us for the weekend, and letting us stay at their grandparents.

To see the rest our pictures go here. :)

This week is proving to be very of my best friends is getting married on Saturday and Sunday we're planning to attend another reenactment. So I'll try to keep y'all updated as best I can. :)



Abigail said...

Oh my goodness...your sister's blue plaid dress is sooooo beautiful! I have a special thing for plaid, and I love blue, so that is one of the most beautiful dresses I've seen. Ever.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see an update! Michelle's new dress is lovely!

Anonymous said...

It was so good to meet you too!! You all looked so beautiful by the way! :)


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your patterns??!!? All your dresses are sooo beautiful!!!

Megan said...

Fun times:D

Anonymous said...

Stunning dress Michelle! I want one!!!!lol
Looks like you guys had a great time, did you really dance ALL night?

Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Abigail! I'm sure she'll be very happy to hear that. ;)

Thanks, Samantha!

Aw, thanks so much Belle!

Anonymous, we make alot of our patterns, but really good one is HMP-250. :)

Yeah, pretty much, Rachel. :) It was really nice. :)