Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dollinger Farms Civil War Reenactment 2012

Its one of the best events of the season. We look forward to it all year. Then are bummed when its over. Ironic isn't it? This year was especially memorable! Our dear friends, the Gersts, came from Missouri to spend the weekend with us and attend their first event with us - as spectators...

I'll start out with the pictures from the battle. Unfortunately I don't have anything to say about them. lol I didn't watch it in person, but I hear it was pretty good. I know last year it was quite a sight to see...for us small timers anyway. lol

Love that flag!

Me, Sarah, and Megan.
The weather was pretty much great so we didn't have to freeze all day which was really nice.

My "new" wool. I actually first made it 2 or 3 years ago. I wasn't happy with how it fit tho. So I'd been trying to remake it all fall - to no avail. I just couldn't make it work. Finally I gave up and just did what I could - basically adding a waistband and pleating all the fullness in the center front. I'm still quite displeased with how it looks, but I suppose it was a step in the right direction. I can't even describe how much I hate sewing for myself.

Me and Sarah attempting to pet one of the horses. I don't think I ever ended up being able to touch it. :D lol

Can it get any cuter? I think, not. Gotta love an adorable, well dressed chap.

So many *fabulous* ladies to visit with. That and seeing Jasper were definitely the highlights of the event. I'm definitely feeling inspired to work on our impressions again. 

Before the dance some of us ventured into the corn maze. It was completely dark by the time I went so it was definitely interesting running our way thru
Megan got to wear her new silk again. She looked quite darling if you ask me. Her and her partner were even head couple in the Grand March. Michelle and I had a good laugh watching them do that. lol Never the less they did a wonderful job...

My little brother, Matt, during the Virginia Reel.
Finally!!! A guy in the family that will dance!!! Hurrah!! :D

I LOVE this picture. lol Tom and I were trying to figure out a new didn't go so well. We still hadn't mastered it by the end of the number. We had alot of fun tho and were laughing the whole time so we're counting it as a win. ;)

Romeo and Juliet.
Josiah and Michelle

Just don't ask. lol :D Tom apparently got a hold of Michelle's camera. lol I think he's still experiencing the side effects of trying to figure out that stupid dance. haha

Rachel, me, and Sarah during the patti cake polka. On the right is Benjamin and Hannah! I was so thrilled that a good portion of them danced. :D We always triumph over turning our friends to the dark side.

Our fabulous dance mistress, Elaine Masicale! She's definitely in my top 2 favorite callers. ;) :D

Tom and Michelle doing the last waltz. Its unbelievable he managed to get a dance in with Josiah there. :p lol

For additional pictures you can see Tom's here. Michelle still hasn't loaded the rest of ours (eek)..
It was such an awesome weekend - created lots of memories, as one might imagine. :)



The Whitakers said...

Awesome post brook. Yeah th etom and megan one sarah is the behind tom holding the bunny ears on megan...

Anonymous said...

oh fun fun fun!!!!
guess who!