Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Precision Planting Christmas Party 2012

A quick step into the modern world....
This past weekend was our first Christmas party of the season. Thanks to child labor laws I'm no longer an employee of the company, but I was able to attend as someone else's guest... Its always a spectacular evening and I was overjoyed to be able to spend some time with several of my relatives (who I don't get to see nearly, often enough these days). Not to mention getting to see all my 'work' friends. They made such an impact on me...I miss them all sooo much! 
The gorgeous centerpiece on our table!
The lovely Rachel enjoying her dinner. This girl is so wonderful!
Me...waiting. A few of us had been up visiting when they brought the food to our table. We went back to the table only to find they hadn't left us any. So we sat they waiting - expecting them to come back later with our food. Everyone else was nearly done - and we decided to take some action. Luis came to our rescue and asked the waitresses to bring us our plates. What we do without him? lol

                                Olivia Sr.                             
 Oh wait... That's better. This is Sarah!
Then we got some real action! All the ladies get to pick the gift they want out of this glorious lane of happiness!! lol This is a *HUGE* deal for this mall deprived gal. Its always *such* a hard choice. I opted for a pair of boots this year...

Next up was the 'game'. This year each table got a box of supplies. And we were supposed to build "gingerbread houses" to fit into the following categories...
Needless to say the stakes were high!!
The constuction of...
        ...our Ag related display began.
Poor Bryce and Josiah - had a team of all girls.
  I dare say we can hold our own in this department. hehe
 Not the best shot, but I think you get the idea of our finished product! It was a surprising amount of fun. Although I mainly watched and ate whatever stray candy I could find. lol In my defense I did build all the fence. hehe :p Incase your wondering we didn't win (I still think we should have. :D lol).
Malena and I! I love this lady SO much!
Bryce and Emily- looking as cute as ever.
Michelle looked so incredibly beautiful!
      Rachel and Em!
Yours truly.

I'm so proud of Sarah! She sewed the skirt for her dress! Didn't she do a fabulous job?!!? She definitely looked charming! I think the shoes were the perfect touch! :)                                           

Michelle and I. We made both our dresses. I plan to do separate posts about them, but that will require photoshoots so I can't guarantee when they will be up.                                    
          Michelle and her gentleman friend Josiah. Aren't they completely adorable?!?!
It was such a great night - as usual I hated for it to end. For more pictures go here. Hope y'all don't mind the change from my regularly scheduled program. ;) Let me know what you think.. :)


Samantha said...

Looks like a fun evening!

Sarah Jane said...

wonderful pics! It looks like so much fun. I love your gingerbread house!

Anonymous said...

sooo glad you posted about it! I loved hearing about it, I knew you were so excited!
Wonderful pictures, and your dress is absolutely breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Is 12 yards of boning enough to make a hoop?

Brooke said...

I'd need more details my dear? Preferred finished circumference?