Friday, May 10, 2013

Delavan Civil War Days 2013

This weekend delivered our first event of the season! This winter felt longer then I've ever remembered, but we've never even done an event this early before. I guess it just means my love for the hobby is growing despite the brief considering of terminating my involvement last fall.
The weather looked as tho it might crash the party, but it didn't end up being very bad at all. So that was really nice. Saturday started out a bit slow, but as the day went on went on we started coming out of our shell and actually talked to some people. lol
My beautiful big sis, Michelle! Isn't her dress like perfect. I think I like it more everytime she wears it.
Miss Cherice (more commonly known as Sarah). Such a cutie! 
My wool ended up being the perfect choice for the dismal weather. It kept me completely comfortable all day and I love how the water just rolls off of it rather then soaking in. I did use my wool shawl alittle, but most the time it was just hanging off my arm. 
Little sis, Megan, looking more adorable then ever. 
We farbed out and walked to Casey's at lunch to get pizza. It was quite fun to say the least. I think the best part was when I walked thru the door and the cashier looked at me and said "Good day.." I had alittle trouble keeping a straight face. lol oh my.
Probably my favorite picture from the weekend. These are the ones that are going to be even more special here in a few short months when she leaves me. :'( lol
We were overjoyed to see the delightful Meister family there! I'm always so inspired by Sarah's work, not to mention her fabulous personality.. She's by far one of the sweetest ladies I know!
Here you see Chis taking his turn holding the charming little, Anne! 
And then Tom... 
Last but not least Michelle..she didn't put her down for most the afternoon. Can you tell she loves babies?
 The pretty little girl herself. Doesn't she have the most wonderful eyes?
  One of her older brothers, Judah.
The twins. Looking alittle mischievous if you ask me. 
Sarah and I taking a moment to watch the water run thru the little creek. 
Another one of my favorites!  
 Could they be any cuter?!
Same as last year it started raining during the battle...does make for sweet photos.
 Some awesome cavalry action right there!!!
Michelle has vowed she's never going to take pictures of farbs so thus the result of only 2 good pictures from the battle.. hehe
Chris and Lee - the troublemakers.
Megan, me, Sarah and Michelle towards the end of the dance. (Thanks Lee for getting the one and only group picture of us...) We have bunch more pictures for your viewing pleasure here. Also, Tom has a lot here!
All in all it was a very fun day that ended with a bang! Its quickly becoming one of my favorite events. This was only the 2nd year so it may not be as big as some people like, but I actually think we have more fun and get to spend more quailty time with folks when things are more relaxed. One of these years we'll get perfect weather and it'll be even more epic! Anyway here's the website - check it out and for the locals definately plan on coming out next year. ;)


Sarah W said...

You ladies always look so lovely!

Samantha said...

what a fun event! and i really love that picture of you and michelle. and i know how you both must be feeling! :-/

Issy said...

Sounds like a wonderful event. I love your sister's red/pink gown. It's gorgeous. :)

Sarah Jane said...

It was a really nice event and I was surprised by how much fun I had, despite the rain. I can't wait to see how it develops over the years. It's a great spot, and everyone is so nice.

It was so great to see you all again! It's been really nice watching you all grow and develop into the wonderful young women you are now, plus watching your sewing skills develop over the years. . .you are amazing! And yes, Michelle's dress is one of the most awesome I've ever seen! She looked so beautiful.

Great pictures!

Stephanie Ann said...

The photos are fantastic and you ladies look great!

Farbing out occasionally is not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

awesome post, Brooke!! I'm glad y'all had a blast!