Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Samantha's Dancing Dress

My friend Samantha needed a new dress for an event her dance group was doing...We started planning it a couple months back and I got the fabric a few weeks ago. But life got in the way and I didn't start working on it till last week.
 This is was the inspiration - mainly for the skirt. She drew a sketch as well which was incredibly helpful! I always love it when my clients know exactly what they want!
The actual cutting and construction of this dress took place in less than 32 hours. I started on a Sunday night at like 7 or 8 and  worked till 3 am. Got up around noon the next day and sewed all day, once again till 3:30 am. Then got up at 8 took out the remaining gathering threads and headed into my 'real job'. Panic threatened to take over, but thankfully a good friend kept me company by texting me most the night. I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that saved me..So thank you, Joe! :) Hopefully I've learned my lesson and won't procrastinate so badly anymore.
 I've previously made her a dress so I just altered "her pattern" from a front opening, yoked bodice to a back opening, slightly gathered, natural waist number. Also adding a boat neckline 1/2" narrower and 1/2" lower then normal. The sleeves, as you can see, are single puffs. She choose the lovely material from - available here.
There's just something about china buttons that make me happy (especailly when I can get my mom to sew them on. hehe) I'm so glad I found a fellow reenactor that has a seemingly never ending stream of them...I always had soo much trouble finding them before.
There's 3 4.5" flounces. The top one was sewn on with a little frill left sticking up as seen in the CDV up top. These were by far the most time consuming part. I first sewed the hem facing to the bottom of the skirt. Then attached the first flounce. Next I sewed the hem facing up and continued onto  attaching the last 2 flounces. I had some trouble with my gathering threads breaking. So that was extremely irritating, but a good reminder to not use old thread for tasks such as those. I did a 6" hem facing as usual.
Piped the neck line and bottom of the waistband. Pretty much my staples - I'm not fond of how it tends to look when I sew skirts on to the waistband without piping. :-/ And I feel like it makes the neckline lay much better as well.
I think I gauged this skirt and sewed it on in record time! I've come to love gauging now that I can do it somewhat evenly on prints...not with standing - I do love doing it on plaids and stripes even more. :P I did a 2" fold over on top of the skirt to balance it or whatever its that actually means there's only 1.5" different between the front and the back since I have to have .5" 'seam allowance'.
And with that we have the finished product on the lovely model, Samantha!!
*Photo credit: Samantha


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Brooke! You did an awesome job, I love the dress and have gotten compliments on it already!

The Whitakers said...

Brooke! This is so pretty. You are so talented! Great job. Love, Aunt Kristi

Anonymous said...

beautiful, dear!!!!!!
I'm laughing about Joe texting you all night, lol that sounds JUST. LIKE, HIM. lol

love you! ~K.

Anonymous said...

How many yards of fabric did this dress have?

Brooke said...

I believe it took about 7 yards.