Friday, September 27, 2013

Nick & Esther's Wedding

 September 1st, 2013
The day my big brother married his lovely Esther....
Our day started out around 9...we had breakfast then went for a 2 -ish hour swim. I must say it was quite odd to just be chilling before a wedding....especially one that of a family member...normally we'd all be running around as there is much to be done. :D
As you'll notice in the pictures their wedding was quite casual and the love for all things 'western' is evident. ;) They had the ceremony in one side of the community center and the other side was set up for the reception.  I was quite impressed with decorations and was a job setting it all up the day before...but as long as it looks good its worth it, right?
My gorgeous cousins! It was such a fun weekend spending time with them!
Dad, who married the happy couple, escorting my mom, one of the flower girls....
Here comes the bride!!! eee! Doesn't she look so happy?!
The wedding party.
And I just have to point out Andrea's hair - could it be anymore gorgeous?!?! I think not!
Still can't believe my siblings are getting married!
One of my favorites! I loved her big dress and cathedral length veil.
Unity ceremony - only Fireproof viewers will get this.
There was lots of food to be had. All homemade. (Literally Esther, her sister, and 2 friends made all of it...that included like 40 pizzas or something...)
My immediate family in its entirety or as it would be for 2 more weeks. (And, yes, we were in an Amish community.)
L-R: Dad, Mom, Michelle, Matthew, Nick, Esther, me, and Megan.
And with that they were off to they're new life together...
Michelle didn't haven't much time to upload their wedding pictures before her own wedding prep got in the way so there is a few here, but unfortunately not many...



Stephanie Ann said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these pics.
Now...Michelle's wedding? :) :)
Having siblings marrying off so close I can only imagine how that feels.
Such a happy, sad, exciting, frustrating time.
I'm sure it makes you feel older! :) it would me! :)
Hugs to you and I'm praying for you!

In Him;

Brooke said...

Your very welcome, Miss Stephanie!!

All in good time, April...I have so many more pictures from her's choose between..going to be tough I think. :D Thanks for your prayers...I definitely need them some days. :)