Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Basking in the 1950's!

With my 16th birthday approaching I've been trying to think of a some sort of theme for it. In hopes of making it stand out from my others. My friend Lauren mentioned how she is hoping to have a masquerade for her birthday and all the sudden the idea of 50's clothes popped into my head! :D I've wanted 50's dresses for along time, but have never actually made any. So thus I began my search for the perfect dress to copy!

I asked about it on the S&S forum some lovely ladies shared some links and now I'm having a horrible time narrowing down my desicion. :P I generally wear tight fitted clothes, sleek in design, but I love the way some of the more fluffy gowns look. :S I even have the perfect length of filmy cream sheer I could use to make one! Anyway I'm hoping y'all will be able to help me with me desicion. :) Here's what I've got so far!

Simplicity March 1958
Blue Velvet Vintage
Viva Vintage Clothing
V&A dress. The Golden Age of Couture
Katrina's wonderful post about crinolines

And a few of my favorites....

I like this one alot. It puts both elements together. Fitted with angel seams, but the skirt is full enough it is still somewhat fluffy.

Not necessarily accurate, but SO me. :D

Again not totally accurate...*sighs* its so cool tho. :D

SO elegant!!!!!!!

The filmy look I love so much! And I ADORE  the things on the the back!

Sorry about the tiny picture. :( I love the sleeves and neck line on this one.

Simply gorgeous!

The sheer look again...

So completely AWESOMELY cool!


Are we seeing a trend here?

I think this one about takes the cake.  I'm in love!

I'd be ever so greatful if y'all would take a look and let me know what you think would be best suited for me. (It doesn't have to be one I listed :) Tight, filmy, elegant, sleek, etc the list goes on and on?!?!?! I have oddles more pictures, but I'll spare you. :) This post is to long as it is. :D I'm REALLY hoping to copy an original so I can use it to participate in Miss Atlanta's festival. But either way I'm good. :)

And any hair style ideas would be fantastic! Actually that's an understatement. I'd be forever indebited. :D

Can't wait to see what y'all have to say! :) I really need the help as you can see. :P lol



Sarah Jane said...

Well, I only ever see you in 1860's style :P so I don't know if I have any good advice to give as to a 50's style that is "you" (unless it's 1850's???) :D

That being said, I personally *love* the dress that is the 9th photo down from the top. The plain black one with a plain fitted bodice, short cap sleeves and a full skirt. I LOVE it. I don't know if its "you" but it is definitely "me" so that is what I would choose.

It is just so sweet. It is so basic and could be dressed up or down. I can totally see this dressed up with a bright colorful scarf and a wide belt with a brilliant rhinestone buckle or something else flashy and cute. Or you could make it more subdued. A row of buttons down the front w/ matching belt. There is so much you could do with that style.

Personally I'd try to avoid any "sexy" or revealing styles since you are celebrating your 16th birthday and one thing i love about vintage styles is the sweet, fresh wholesomeness of young womanhood that seems to be an attitude of the time.

So I'd go with something with a more fitted bodice. If you want more of a small waistline look, i'd go with a dress that ends at the waist with the skirt attached there, rather than princess seams which are (for me anyway) harder to get a good tight fit with when you have a lot of curves to fit over (like a bust, going down into a tiny waist (and you have a TINY waist!) and then back out over hips. . .a seperate bodice/skirt (one with a waist seam) would also be more conservative with fabric than a princess style which eats up YARDS of fabric with a lot of waste. :/

Are you going to make a crinoline with it? Wear your corset underneath to get the tight, tidy torso look - did you see the 1950's walkaway dress on the S&S board? I LOVE how period correct she looked w/ her corset and a full fluffy petticoat!

Brooke said...

Hello! I wish I had some advise for you, but I'm not excatly sure which one would look best on ya:? They are all so pretty!!!! I really like the red one and the plad one (7 and 12):) But I can say I like them all, if I do say so my self.:P


Michelle said...

I will give you my sugjestions for your dress, but it doesn't help narrow it down to muchI think # 7 is a stunner!!! But then again I might just like it because it is my style. :b # 8 is a beauty, but it looks like it is angels seam so I wouldn't recomend making it since you don't have a pattern. # 12 is very cute, but you would have to have right fabric to make it look like that and you would prolly have to lengthen the skirt in order to able wear it. I love the neckline thought it is so creative! #17 is ver, very gorgeous only you would hgave to raise the neck line. #21 is a darling dress again the neck line is to low. :( For your birthday I would definately recommend a more fluffy style over the "office" look. I know how much you like it but, its just not as practical or universal and I'm not sure how a tigh skirt would go over. You selected very nice choices. :)GL

Yer sis,