Thursday, September 8, 2011

He's a Pirate - piano solo

 *This doesn't have much to do with sewing, but if one was desperate for a reason I suppose I could say Pirates of the Caribbean does hold alot of costumes.... :P (I'm one of the unlucky ones that hasn't seen the movies yet... :-/) AND when I'm sewing I never do it without listening to music, so maybe this is a fun peek into my routine for y'all... :)

  I'm a huge music person. Its rare you would find me not listening to anything. I love pretty much all types of music (Especially classical!). Its such a piece of art! :) I am captivated by the violin, electric guitar, drums, and the piano.  I have an extensive list of favorite songs. :P I think it comes from liking so many different genres. Anything from Linkin Park and Green Day to Handel's Messiah and Antonio Vivaldi to Celtic Women and Enya. So you see I decided this song was to spectacular not to share.... :) I do hope y'all won't mind my quick dive into the world of music.  :)

 I'm not even able to comprehend the talent he must hold to be able to play like that! He's so dramatic and yet so very graceful the same time! Amazing!  Makes me feel like failure of a musician. :P haha Not that I know that much anyway...*note to self....improve your skills. :D*

What do y'all think? Was it okay or would you rather I stick to posting about other things? ;)



Megan said...

That is the coolest song ever!!!:D It sounds soooo great:)
I think I should learn how to play the piano like that.

Rachel said...

I haven't watched the pirites of the caribean. my favorite music is the apollo 13 soundtrack. you should listen to it!

Julia Coenobita said...

That's wonderful!
Gosh, you have so many similarities to me! :) I'm 15, and I love Vivaldi and Enya and classical music, movie soundtracks, and pop/rock if it's really good. I also like sewing historical clothing and the 19th century. I just wish my family and friends were into sewing and reenacting like yours are! ;) I love your blog!

Tara Janelle said...

I'm dying to learn how to play this song!! :) My friend said that they sell the music for it on the Pirates website. It's just such a neat piece!! I hadn't seen the video before, so thanks for posting it! He is really amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh me too Brooke, you know how much of a music obsession I've got:D
and FWIW this is your blog, so post all you want about what you want, I love it all!
I can't watch this vid.. sadly! But I do like Pirates of The Caribbean! Course I just like Johnny Depp :) and I'm SURE you'll be the very best piano player ever, You're off to a great start!
Don't feel depressed, just encouraged, and now you'll always have something to look up to in your new venture with piano!.. and I already envy you to death because I was never any good at it myself ;)..
love you

Brooke said...

Megan, I think I should learn it to. :P

Rachel, the apollo 13 soundtrack is really lovely! Thanks for your comment. :)

Julia, its so cool we have so many similarities! I'm so glad you like my blog, that's very kind of you. :) Do you have a blog? How did you find mine? :)

Tara, they do indeed sell music for it. I know they have it on Jarrods website as well. I wish I could read notes well enough to play it... :D I'm glad you liked it. :) And thanks so much for your comment. :)

Kate, I'll have to see about putting the song on your disc. :) Thanks for the encouragement. :) I'll have to try harder to learn these things. :P And thatnks for your comment. It means alot. :) ((((hugs))))


Anonymous said...

You're very welcome hun!!! That's how I look at songs; inspiration and encouragement. 's the only way to make my very UN-musically inclined self feel better when I hear something that really moves me, like Alison's stuff and I know I shouldn't even consider 'wishing' to be that good..
Oh sure, it's still my dream -one day- to play You're Just A Country Boy.. I just finally decided not to beat myself up, it's not worth it.. I'll enjoy talent, and keep on dreaming!..
I'm sure you can't try harder than what you already are, these things take time! and you're already so amazing, besides being my only friend who does play (I think anyways!)
If you would burn a copy of this vid on my cd I'd be very grateful, thanks so much!
Hugs back again

Michelle said...

Oh! My! This song is just to cool!!! He is so amazing!!! One day I will play it to. :):):b I'll never be able to play it as well as him tho. I love Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack even tho I haven't seen the movie.:):):)