Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grand Dames of the 19th century

Here-in you'll find some extremely drool worthy ladies of the 19th century.

 Empress Eugenie -1860 I love the flounces on here dress the must be sooo full and out of a very crisp fabric.

 Countess Csekonics of Jimbolia and Janova -1862-65
The skirt detail is awesome! Her shawl is really cool too.
Duchess Marie in Bavaria -1857
by Franz Hanfstaengl
She's so adorable!
Amina Boschetti -1863
by A. Armand &, Bordeaux.
Quite the hair style. Wish I had the opportunity to wear this... :D

Empress Elisabeth of Ausria
Its interesting how all the stripes have
 a different design on them.
Empress Maria Alexandrovna of Russia -1869
Can you tell I'm quite taken by very geometric designs?

Tsarina Maria Alexandrovna, Winterhalter -1857.
Must have been very wealthy. :P And very fond of pearls. :-. lol
 Princess Royal and Princess Alice -1852
by Theodore Brunell
They look like little angels and their dresses are to die for.

Hungarian coronation dress -1867
One of my favorites... ♥
 Elisabeth dressed for the cold in a fur-trimmed paletot -1865
 by Emil Rabending
A nice little peek into fancy outer wear. I can't imagine how heavy this whole outfit must have been. Even tho velvet was probably lighter in the 1860's. There's still alot of yardage there and then add the coat which looks quite girthy... wow

Infanta Isabel, Princess of Asturias, Countess of Girgenti nicknamed "La Chata"
Is that one heck of a gown or what? lol

Duchess Sophie Charlotte of  Bavaria -1867
I'm sure most of you are thinking this is probably one of the most ugly dresses you've seen. lol But I'm draw to its angular lines. Its simple beauty is quite my style. :D

Isabel II Queen of Spain -1860
Her dress is so pretty! I'd love to make myself
a dress like that someday. :D Its so feminine. 

Duchess of Wellington
She is like ultra graceful, in my opinion.

 Princess Alexandra of Wales  -1866
Isabel Alvarez Montes, Duchess of Castro Enriquez and Marquise in Valderas -1868
I'm loving all the tulle or whatever you want to call it.  It must have been alittle nerve racking to wear, so fragile. The trim on the skirt is such a cool design as well. 

Princesses Helena and Louise -1856
by Roger Fenton
They seem really impressed by getting the dag taken don't they?! :P Their hats are really cute and I realllly like the jackets.  

Elisabeth as Queen of Hungary
This is my personal favorite. I think its probably the most beautiful 19th century ensemble I've ever seen. I'd really like to make a reproduction of it some day. *heres to one's dream*
You can find many more at the source. :) I hope they inspired y'all as much as they did me. Which ones are you favorites?

Until next time. ♥



Issy said...

Ooh so many pretty gowns :). I love the ones worn by Infanta Isabel and Isabel Alvarez Montes (it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they both have the same first name as me :)! ). Also Elizabeth of Hungry's gown is beautiful - so elegant. :)

The Whitakers said...

So gorgeous!!!! :)

Nuranar said...

These are amazing! There are so many CDVs and fashion plates out there of this period, but it's really eye-opening to see what The Very Top actually wore. By the way, I think that in the first portrait of Empress Elisabeth, the different-patterned stripes on her skirt are actually bias strips of a *very big* plaid silk. Amazing indeed!

The Whitakers said...

Oh Brooke these are so pretty. Wouldn't it be neat to be a Countess or an Empress?? I think I like the last dress the best as well. If I know you, you will someday use all that talent you have, and something similar to this dress will be hanging in your closet! If your going to dream, dream big! OR just become a countess and have someone make all these beautiful clothes for you!!! :) Love ya, Aunt Kristi :)

The Whitakers said...

Helllooooo Brooke! :) We need a blog update! Especially now that you have all this time on your hands! :) We are patiently, calmly, waiting!
Love, the Whitaker girls to the North.