Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abounding sun bonnets


 I am, at last, back after my lengthy hiatus! :) I'm now off my job for the summer months. And as of an hour ago we wrapped up the elephantine project of picking up and organizing (sorta) the sewing room! Which pretty much looked like a tornado had hit it. :S So now all the fabric is sorted by color and all the small peices for quilts are separated from the more useful lengths (which to my disappointment are rather limited in both size and quantity). Box after box of knits were hauled to the basement. In every form and color you can imagine. Single knits, double knits, tricots, and well the list goes on and on. I'm now accepting ideas on how to use this mountainous collection. I have to admitt I have very little patience when it comes to the horrible heap of poly esther. lol That type of fabric basically goes against my entire idea what I should be sewing. Never the less, I'd definately like to turn over abundance into advantage. Speak now or forever hold your peace when it throw it all away. :D lol Anyway enough about that... Now that I that I can sucessfully enter my cheery little space and not have to dig threw every one of the boxes to find something specific each time I get an order. I'll be producing more things to show y'all.

 To hold y'all's a few of the bonnets I've made for some of my customers. They're definately the most popular item I sell. :)



Until next time,


The Whitakers said...

Wondeful! Absolutely wonderful! You posted! As for ideas... Perhaps an edwardian day dress? :) Now that's something you haven't made before!

The Whitakers said...

Fantastic!Super modelin megan by the way!)) Can't wait to see what u make next brooke!

The Whitakers said...

It's wonderful to hear from you beautiful girl! Organization makes all the difference! (Unfortunately, I very rarely am!). Can't wait to see whats coming next from those talented hands of yours. I'll bet your family is happy to have both you girls back! Have a great summer.
Love ya, say hey to everybody! Aunt Kristi :)

Brooke said...

Cherise, I may just have to do an edwardian dress sometime. I actually have a few I'd like to copy, but the site the pictures are on isn't working so you'll have to wait a bit longer. :D

Thanks so much Rachel dear. :)

Aunt Kristi, thanks. :) I have a few things to post about, the problem is just getting pictures... :S lol