Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Polka With Circular Iotas!

The week of my sister's wedding she decided she needed a couple new dresses to wear during her new married life. Sometime ago she made a little black dress using Simplicity 3673 - 1950's Retro. It became a staple - suited her perfectly and she got many many compliments on it.
Thus, in regards to that she concluded that would be a good pattern for us to use.
Seeing as we were frequenting Hobby Lobby plenty often for last minute wedding bits...we took the opportunity to pick up a couple fabrics (both which ended up being polka dotted) and trims.
It has simple lines and its quite fast to construct. The most time consuming part is all the darts in the top of the skirt...
As you can see we fiddled around abit and she came up with some clever trim placement. I'm no good with such things, however, I like to think my stupidity inspires it.

Van-dykes for the skirt!
After some confusion over what size the previous dress was made. I had to take in the sides a considerable amount. That's always most discouraging - finally completing the finishing touches and excitedly having the recipient try on the garment only to find it doesn't fit properly. Never the less that's all part of being a seamstress. It happens, and we must overcome the issues and contrive a beautiful piece.


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