Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Tale Of A Wedding: The Wedding Day - Ceremony

The ceremony was held at Lake Park in Delavan. We scoured the area for outdoor venues. Everything was completely booked. Then one day after the Delavan Civil War Days - we realized how gorgeous the park would be for a wedding...
All the sexy ladies making their arrival! Watch out world! :p
My Dad made the "guest book" er bench. He used cherry - its quite solid, but a beauty for sure. My Grandma put her skillful hands to work burning the center design on and we did a bit of experimenting with different writing utensils to see what worked best. Sharpie pens for the win! 

Lij and I mid procession! I love this! We look so happy. :)
She's coming!!!! So much anticipation! 
Prayer with the parents, bride, and groom.
 This is probably about when my mind was wandering and I realized THIS IS PINTEREST MOMENT! OMG! Everything was so beautiful, so perfect! A gentle breeze, lovely temperatures...Everything was just so beautiful there's really no other way to say it!
Unity sand.
The moms first poured it into two of the hearts then Michelle and Josiah together into the center heart.
Their very first kiss ever!
Beginning they're new life together!
Probably a couple of the most entertaining people you'll find.
Dismissing the guests...
Boys will be boys! Lil bro and his besties aka cousins.

Next up: Formals.



Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh so sweet! ♥ LOL Who's the groomsman who escorted you? :) VERY beautiful wedding! VERY beautiful dresses and suits ;)


Anonymous said...

Why was it their first kiss ever?

Beautiful pictures! I love the absence of shoes!! :)))

Brooke said...

Ruth, he was Josiah's brother Elijah.

Anonymous, it was they're first kiss because of both families religious views.....

Thanks for your kind words. :)