Friday, January 10, 2014

The Tale Of A Wedding: The Wedding Day - Formals

Here-in you'll find some of my favorite formal shots
The bridesmaids.
I CANNOT believe the gorgeous girl is my sister!! ♥ 
Lij and Siah try to look scary.
One of the very best!
But this one I think I love more...we're so lovely! lol
♥ Me and my sis! ♥
Mother and daughter.
Spicing it up!
Tear jerking. ;)
Fabulous four! We've had alot of good times together.
Yeah she's just that tiny.. lol
So vintage-y feeling!
Lovely rings, no?
I have gorgeous siblings...that's all that's to it!
His family...
Her family...
Keeping it classy! 

Last up - The reception.



Ruth Torrijos said...

Oh it looks like a heavenly day, Brook! ♥ I love wedding! So far I've been to 2 ;) What a lovely family (both bride's and groom's!) You did a superb job!


Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these pictures, Brooke! Everything is so beautiful and picture perfect!

Becca Kae said...

Lovely! The photos are look great! It looks like such a sweet wedding party. :) Your sister and her husband make such cute couple!

Brooke said...

Thank you very much Ruth! I have to agree - weddings are pretty wonderful. :)

I'm glad to hear that, Samantha. :) Thank you!

Thank you, Becca Kae!