Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Tale Of A Wedding: The Wedding Day - Reception

The reception was held at the Forman Center which is an old school gym in some dorky town called Manito. lol 
We all wore funky shoes.... :D
Such a lovely cake! Josiah's mom made it. As well as all the cupcakes!
We put together the jars with burlap ribbon and twine for the centerpeices. That was a fun time. Chicken Noodle Soup was playing loud enough the jars were vibrating together. Yay subwoofers. lol Anyhow, add in a couple old books, a few skeleton keys, some flowers, rocks, water, and floating candles! Purty stuff.
Delicious food. My Grandma did lots of prep leading up to the big day. Putting all the food together gathering other ladies to help serve it. We also made two kinds of punch. Could really go for some of the coffee stuff right now. ;) 
There was much dancing to be seen!
Our adorable friends Larry and Shirley - who we had the pleasure of meeting thru reenacting!
The bouquet toss! I didn't catch it. :( lol
All to soon they were on they're way...the tear down began and home we all ventured.

And this my dears is finally the end of all the wedding droll...For a good long time I imagine. I hope you've aleast enjoyed the peek into my modern life a bit. I'll now return to our regularly scheduled program. Thanks for bearing with me. :)


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Gina said...

Ha!!! LOVE the funky shoes!! This wedding looks as though it was a real joy to attend and be a part of! Weddings can be so stressful and full of anxiety, but this one looks like it was full of joy, happiness and blessings!! Everything about it is just perfect! I hope your sister and new brother-in-law have a truly blessed marriage!